Fishing: North Atlantic

Fishing: North Atlantic is a game/simulator about commercial fishing coming for PC/Steam in 2020!

The sequel to the popular simulation game Fishing: Barents Sea invites you to put on your captain’s hat once again: Explore the large ocean of Nova Scotia, try your hand at entirely new fishing methods and enjoy huge range of highly detailed ships in the commercial fishing simulator Fishing: North Atlantic.

Discover majestic world of Canadian Nova Scotia while admiring the vast diversity of ocean life. Explore the fishing zones with upgradable ships and gear as you progress in your career.

Like our predecessor game Fishing Barents Sea, “Fishing: North Atlantic” makes you experience an atmospheric and realistic game world based on real maps, boats and fish species. Get ready to enjoy new weather systems with upgraded atmospheric effects, a new crew management system, North American Vessels and fishing techniques like harpoons and deep-line-buoy-fishing. Purchasing larger boats and better gear will increase your fisherman skills.

North Atlantic offers over 20 ships at your disposal for all types of fishing styles and fishing techniques like the harpooning, which is used to hunt swordfish and tuna. Start with harpooning, then work your way up to setting deep lines, catching snow crabs or lobster. Do you have what it takes to fulfill this challenging task?

Plan the course of your fishing career throughout the whole year: Brave rain and snow while looking for the best fishing zones, but make sure that you are not in danger of exceeding your quotas! The new advanced fish-AI will require the use of GPS and sonar to follow the movement of your prey depending on weather and water temperatures.

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Fishing: North Atlantic is based on our previous game Fishing: Barents Sea, which was our first PC game released 7th of Feburary 2018.

Since Fishing: Barents Sea became such an success, we have carefully been listening to our communities feedback and suggestions and decided to rebuild, overhaul and improve most of the major features from Fishing: Barents Sea. We have more and less started from scratch!

We hope you will enjoy our new game, with lots of new and improved features. Stay tuned for more news that will be announced in the coming time ahead.

Key Features

  • New fish methods – Harpooning, Deepline, Lobster
  • New fish species – Swordfish, Tuna, Silver Hake, Lobster, Snow Crab
  • New watershader and waterphysics
  • New weather system
  • New fish habitat system
  • New fast travel system
  • Improved fish mechanics
  • Over 20 handcrafted boats available
  • Huge map over Nova Scotia (200x300km)
  • 6 Realistic ports to visit



When will the game be released and on what platforms can I play it?

We plan to release it for PC in 2020.

Will the game be on Steam?

Yes, the game will be available on Steam

Will there be multiplayer?

After listening to feedback and suggestions from the community, we decided to enhance the singleplayer experience. This game will only be singleplayer.

Will the game be on Mac?


Will the game be on Console?


What is the system requirements?


What is this game made in?

The game is created using Unreal Engine 4 and C++. All the graphics are made in Photoshop, Blender, Maya, 3D Studio Max, Substance Painter and ZBrush.

Who are you guys and how long have you been working on this?

We are Misc Games an game developer based in Stavanger, Norway. We started to work on Fishing: North Atlantic late 2018.